Snowboard Servicing Price List 2020/21

Here at Pulman’s Ski And Snowboard Servicing, We have a variety of BUTTA wax to use in a service package. All servicing will include a full check of the bindings, tightening any loose bolts/nuts etc. The base will be inspected for any damage and if any, P-Tex fills will be used as and when needed. P-Tex Fills will be done for free unless the fill takes more than half stick then a £5 fee will be added for every half or more used. We use mainly black P-Tex as it sets better into the base and is much stronger. We will use white if requested but note: this will not be as strong as the black.

All servicing prices will also include edging unless requested not to.


  • Original wax – £25
  • Graphite race wax – £30

Snowboard skins wax only (no Snowboard)

  • Original wax – £20

Snowboard base and skins wax

  • Original wax – £40 (duel saving discount – save £5)

Snowboard skin re-glue only

Starting £45 – price may change depending on size of skins.

Full Snowboard service, skins and re-glue

  • Original wax – £75 (duel saving discount – save £10)

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