Merino Wool socks

We shred with Merino wool socks and highly recommend them.

If you would like to purchase any, please get in contact . Many sizes available.

Why Merino wool?


Feet stay dry under heavy use regardless of the ambient temperature. Merino has the ability to absorb 30% more water than other materials.

Temperature Regulation

Feet stay warm throughout use regardless of the ambient temperature or exertion level. The OTC height provides better warmth to lower extremities in extreme cold conditions

Odour Control

No smell regardless of the ambient conditions and days of riding. Whether these socks are subjected to summer riding, dome riding, extreme winter riding and extensive freestyle riding.

Reduced Fatigue

Elastic throughout gives mid compression for extra blood flow, reducing fatigue, allowing longer focus. Sock doesn’t slip and cause pressure points, reducing pain that can occur with other snowboarding socks

Superior Comfort

Sock is lightweight for extra feel and responsiveness. Merino wool is soft against the skin and very comfortable.v