Wax used

Now stocked with BUTTA wax, all Snowboards/Skis are serviced with THE best waxes to shred with! Snow and Surf wax also available to purchase with P&P optional or pick up. Check our Wax Shop for purchasing Here.

Original Butta Wax

A high in hydrocarbon, low in fluorocarbon wax, environmentally and user friendly! Butta Original is an Iron on, scrape off wax!

Graphite Pro Wax

The all NEW Butta Graphite was! The wax used by all the riders at “Air and style” 2015! Ideal for aggressive and super cold snow temperature and perfect in Spring slush!! Also making it ideal for the indoor domes!! This is by far the best wax on the market and my favourite!!! (Contains natural graphite powder)

Rub on butta wax

High in hydrocarbon, low in fluorocarbon, so much better for the environment and the user. Rub it on, scrape it off. Ideal for that midweek wax job or use at the end of the holiday as a storage wax.

Butta dry

The NEW Butta dry slope wax. Made from 100% natural wax. Iron evenly on to the base and (ideally) leave to cure overnight. No scraping! Adds an extra layer to your base, so prolonging the effects of “railing” works great on all dry slopes except Dendex!

No more knuckle (on-the-go spray Butta wax)

It’s the awesome NEW, easy to apply Graphite spray wax in a handy 150ml aerosol. All you need to do is SPRAY, WIPE AND BOOM off you go at speed. That’s not all though, every time you purchase a can you are directly contributing to the “BRITISH SNOWSPORTS FUND” and when we win a massive haul of medals (again) at the next Winter Olympics, you know you helped!!

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