Based in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, With over 15 years experience, We service Ski’s and Snowboard’s by hand for the detail, love and care they deserve.

From the Original Butta Wax to Graphite Pro Race Butta Wax, we can also service your ski skins for that off piste hike!

So what exactly does waxing do for your Snowboard or Ski’s? First the wax increases the glide of the base, meaning your Snowboard/Skis will run faster and smoother on the snow (especially useful on warm, mushy Spring days) Also, the build-up of wax acts as a shield against rocks and rails, absorbing the small cuts that might otherwise damage the base material during the course of the day. Finally the use of wax prolongs the durability of the Snowboard/Skis meaning a longer-lasting investment for you!

When some people will wax their snowboards/skis each time they hit the hill, the general consensus seems to be that waxing once every two or three times you ride is enough to reap the benefits. Additionally some riders apply a coat of wax (but don’t scrape it) before storing the Snowboard/Ski for the Summer to keep them from oxidising.

Ski skins lost their stick? We can even reglue! Don’t forget, those skins will need a service too!! Look after your equipment and it will look after you!

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8 thoughts on “Home

    1. Hello Emily,
      Thank you for your message. I have also replied via email but unsure if you received it. I am based in Merthyr Tydfil and ski servicing starts from £25.00. All servicing includes base clean, P-Tex fill, edging, polish and the wax of your choice of package deal.
      Hope this helps and happy shredding!


  1. Possibly looking at getting 4 boards seviced before first week in December. What’s the deal, is it a while you wait service or do you leave the wax embed overnight? Let me know as the season is almost upon us. 😁😁😁


  2. Hi, I’m looking to get my board serviced. It’s in pretty good nick but needs a tune up. Not going away until the first week on march so no real rush. What are the different packages available? Prices etc. Cheers.


  3. Had a job done on my mountain bike today. Excellent service and price. David also safety checked my bike for free. Cannot recommend this guy highly enough


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